Obsessed – Sorry Not Sorry

Keslie, my daughter, was born April 10, 2011. As most mom’s do, I experienced a heavy dose of postpartum depression. I began running as soon as the OBGYN cleared me for activity. At the time, I didn’t understand the science behind why running made me feel so much better, why I became obsessed, why I didn’t miss a monday runday. I now understand what movement does for the body, how your body was meant for motion. I also had no idea what those early morning and late evening runs where preparing me for.

October 13, 2011, was the last morning I would ever dress my baby girl. Guess what I did the die after she died? I ran. I once heard someone say, “life is full of before and after moments”, that dreadful Friday morning run on October 14, 2011 will forever be my after run.

Since that day, I have chased refuge from grief. I mean, I know they say you gotta face it, but I would rather take that awful shit in small doses. One of the less destruct-full tactics of refuge has been exercise. Well not counting that year of Cross-fit, my hips and knees will never be the same. Cycle, run, yoga, strength training, cardio, elliptical, dead lifts, clings, I tried the snatch and fell, pilates…I seriously would not want to know what I have shelled out to Groupon over the years. Two years ago I came across a FB Post for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. I was like well there is one I haven’t tried. I signed up without hesitation.

There was a different vibe with this, this program was centered around nutrition. I didn’t do nutrition…exercise I’m down…but take away my donuts and I’m out. Intermittent Fasting was foreign, Macros were scary, and carb cycling was for that KeNo Diet. Unfortunately I had pressed the buy now button and a welcome letter was awaiting in my gmail. No Group-on discount on this program…I have seven weeks to commit, I can do seven weeks.

The best seven weeks of my life. I thought for sure I could keep going on my own and did’t sign up for another round until after I had gone through several infertility treatments and decided nutrition and exercise had to move back to the top of my list. Again, the best seven weeks of my life and I have never put two and two together but it wasn’t long after I completed my second round I was pregnant…naturally…like the good ole’ too many margarita’s way.

Let’s fast forward to January of 2019. After a full on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual breakdown, I knew that if I did not implement nutrition and motion into my recovery I would never make it. I slowly began implementing two components of the FASTer Way; Intermittent Fasting and Progress. I signed up as a VIP Member and just stalked the page and slowly, like real slowly did my thing. Week after week I made small strides and all of the sudden my body and mind starting transforming. The “I can’t” went to “I can” the “I can” went to “I will” and the “I will turned into “I am”

I am a Certified Coach for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. I am unapologetically obsessed with this program. I am going to continue to tell my story over and over again. I know there is someone like me, lurking in the shadows, waiting to change the course of their health and I want to be the beacon of light that they need to course correct. Because for most of us, nutrition and motion isn’t something we do to stay skinny…it’s what we have to do to stay alive.

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