Breakdown (like the Tom Petty song)

Every Doctor I have seen, and I can count at least a dozen in the last month, has asked what was your trigger?

I wonder if it’s just me but I honestly didn’t have one trigger. I honestly believe that this was a 25 yearish trigger. Just in the last decade:

married • divorced • married again • pregnant • kelsie • kelsie died • miscarriage • fertility treatments • miscarriage • pregnant • surpluses from job • ray ray • meet my biological dad • breakdown (like the tom petty song)

I feel the heartache of this last decade, but also feel the warmth of all the memories of laughter and love.

Google and I have diagnosed my entire life, starting at birth, as my trigger.

I start my week tomorrow with an intention of acceptance.

>>Acceptance of me…all of me

>>Acceptance of my circumstances

>>Acceptance of a life worth living

I have three simple goals:

>>Make all my appointments

>>Track accurate health data

>>Yoga Yoga Yoga

Cheers y’all

Summer Rae